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Event hair and makeup -The difficulty of looking good on stage


Have you considered that having professional event hair and makeup before you go on stage might be worth it? There’s nothing more nerve wracking than standing and speaking in front of a crowd. Unfortunately, the stage doesn’t tend to do us any favours – even if we are feeling confident! The lights directed at you are blinding and hot. This causes a shiny sheen on our face. Making you almost gleam, something that even guys would rather avoid. Not only does this heat affect you facially but it can really mess with your hair too! Especially if your someone with frizzy or naturally curly hair. After a long day it can really blow out and look fluffy to your audience. Much like in photography its worth wearing a little more make up, to ensure it not only lasts but that its visible to your audience without looking like you’ve caked it on. Then of course your confidence. Our whole ethos is about self care and empowerment. When you look and feel a million dollars you radiate from the inside out. It is hard to look anything but good on stage when you radiating. The answer to all these issues? Professional hair and make up experiences in the green room. Letting the professionals do what they do best, so you can deliver and present what you do best.


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