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Terms & Conditions
Immediate payment of a deposit of 50% is required before a date will be held. Any deposit paid is deducted from the final balance of your quote and is not an upfront payment for your service. Until we receive your deposit, the date is still available for someone else to book. Once the deposit has been paid, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of your quote. Due to the amount of work involved in large bookings & weddings which exceed the total value of $500, deposits are non-refundable. However, a credit can be applied to the value of the deposit. Cancellations due to unforeseen restrictions in relation to Covid-19 will be fully refunded.
The balance is due 48 hours prior to service being performed – Should no payment be received we have the right to cancel all services and deposit will be forfeited.
After paying your deposit – If you decide to change the date of your service, provided deposit has been paid and received and you request the changes a minimum of 14 days before your original booking, amendments can be made without further cost. If no member of our team is available for your re-booked date then a credit will be given.
In the unlikely event that we, as a team, cannot attend on the day of your service due to unforeseen and unfortunate events or circumstances, all payments will be immediately refunded (including deposit and trial fees). We will work with you to find an alternative reputable stylist/artist or salon to cater for your requirements however; any such booking will remain solely the responsibility of yourself. If one of our team is unable to attend on the day, due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, we will immediately try to find an alternative freelance stylist/artist to stand in. If this is not possible we will refund services, which are forfeited in part, or altogether, as a result. No further compensation will be offered. If a member of our team is made to feel uncomfortable in anyway, or mistreated, or if anyone becomes abusive/violent or displays any offensive behaviour, we have the right to cancel the contract without refund. In the event of extreme weather conditions where the ‘Met office’ has issued a ‘Red’ warning, we reserve the right to cancel your booking due to unsafe travel conditions to your location. We will refund all monies as a gesture of goodwill.
Travel expenses will be calculated depending on how many stylists you require and the distance the stylists will need to travel to your location from Melbourne/Sydney CBD. A personalised quote will be emailed to you. You will be expected to cover all costs for hotel accommodation where it is not practical for stylist/artist to travel on the day of your service i.e. limited time available, or severe weather conditions have been forecast.
Our normal operating hours are from 7am however we understand sometimes an earlier start time is required! Being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the crack of dawn is kind of our thing. For services, weddings or events with an arrival time of 6.30 AM or earlier, the following “Early Bird” fee will apply: $50 Per Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist.
All brushes, tools, and makeup products are sanitized between every makeup application. Makeup products used are hypoallergenic. Any allergies and/or skin conditions should be reported by the client to the makeup artist prior to application and, if need be, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the skin to test reaction.
Unless a list of ingredients of potential reactive ingredients are presented to us before the makeup/hair application, Privé Hair Australia is not responsible for any reactions to makeup or hair products. If you are suffering from any type of contagious illness including, but not limited to, conjunctivitis, eye sties/cysts, cold sores, open wounds/cuts on the face and neck, staph infection, head lice, or a flu or other contagious illness, we need to be informed as a matter of urgency and reserve the right to refuse service of any infectious person. This is a precaution taken in order to ensure non-contamination of the stylist’s kit and brushes, despite the fact all items are sanitized between clients.
It is imperative that we continue to update our portfolio and demonstrate our work to future prospective clients. Please let us know in advance by written email if you do not wish to be photographed or if you are not happy for us to use your images for social media purposes, and all staff will be notified. We are happy to be photographed on your wedding day however, any photo image incorporating our team in action, or our hair and/or make-up design, on the internet or on any other advertisement, must make reference or credit us as the hair and/or makeup artists.
The information we collect on your clients we strictly do not share or use. It is kept in accordance with Privacy Policy Act 1988. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any further questions please contact us.