League of Extraordinary Women 2020 – event makeup and hair – PRIVE
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League of Extraordinary Women 2020 – event makeup and hair


Privé were lucky enough to take part in their second event with these amazing ladies and event! Beautifying all the speakers of another huge, successful League of Extraordinary Women event! Green rooms are safe to say, our thing. Arriving early doors at a 6:45am start we set up in Deakin Edge conference centre in Federation Square, Melbourne CBD. With 3 of our stylists and artists and Director Jade not only creating beautiful hair and makeup, but an uplifting vibe and glow to each and every women. Empowering them to stand in the lime light as the best version of themselves.

After an extremely successful busy morning with lots of happy ladies, the Privé team took to the main floor of the conference, creating one of their “pop up” hair and make up styling stations. Attendees enjoyed a little indulgence of their own, I mean who doesn’t want their hair and makeup touched up right? Privé and The League’s events are so perfectly aligned – we both pride ourselves on empowering women, bringing our unique skills together always makes for a fantastic day. Want to know more about these inspiring events? Check out their site directly for the latest updates and news on their events nationwide www.leagueofextraordinarywomen.com


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