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About Privé

About the Founder & Director, Jade Louise Crosland & Henry Trier

“I see the power and importance we hold as artists of our craft, I recognise the difference you can make to someone’s day – perhaps even their life through your skill and creation to enhance their natural beauty and share a positive and uplifting experience with your clients. My mission is to create a worldwide team that live and breathe this culture which will radiate onto our clients, leaving them glowing from the inside out — and in turn, have a more positive influence on the world around them.”     Jade Louise Crosland, Founder.
“I take great pride in knowing that our professional and convenient services, provide great value to people who need it the most. The demand for convenient mobile services is now greater than ever. People are more time poor than they ever have been and a private intimate service, is seen as a safer and more luxury option.

We strive to always improve every aspect of our clients experience with Privé, ensuring it is nothing short of incredible. This is our main goal and always will be.”     Henry Trier, Director.


Having worked within the hair industry for 15 years and as a colour specialist globally for over 10 years, Jade has worked within various Toni & Guy UK salons, The world renowned Selfridges Salon in London and managed Toni and Guy in Melbourne. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, making her clients feel good was her “why”. 12 years into the industry with the extensive experience she had under her belt, Jade went on to follow her dream, creating and pursuing the “Privé” vision. She was opposed to the lack of respect and reward for loyal team members in hair industry and the lack of consistent, caring and 5 star customer service.

Jade established Privé after noticing a gap within the market. A huge demand for mobile services, however with the new concept of bringing a luxury salon service to clients. The ultimate convenience, providing salon professional results at any given location.

Privé have also entered into an exclusive collaboration with Miss Fox voted world’s number 1 day spa 2018 & 2019. Privé was head hunted by the Owner and Founder of MISS FOX at a large conference Jade & the Privé Team were taking care of in the green room. Jade used this opportunity to create Privé & MISS FOX clients a personalised holistic menu to compliment Miss Fox services for those clients not looking for convenience but complete indulgence within a luxury setting – taking time for self care. At Privé our ethos is to empower our clients to be the best, most confident version of themselves. Inspiring joy within them to take on their day looking and feeling their best.

Henry came into Privé shortly after the official launch, as Jade’s partner, business partner and Father of their child they work closely together on all fronts of life. A true family run business. Henry with his experience and history in Sales & Marketing applies his skills across Privé Hair Australia & Privé MISS FOX. He also works closely with the team and handles a lot of the admin work.

Having both come from the UK alone in their early twenties, Henry and Jade alike have a natural fighting spirit and desire for success for themselves and each and everyone of their loyal team members.

Jade chose the name Privé; derived from the French word which translates to “Private” in English. This beautiful pronunciation and French word fitted perfectly with the luxe premium feel she wanted to create, but also lead onto the idea of “Private Hair Australia” private – one on one – personalised mobile services: Privé Hair Australia.